Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealism is the art of making a painting, or a digital image look as much like a photograph as possible.  It is achieved by using specialist software to add textures, lighting, reflection, translucency, shadows etc.  Day or night time scenes can be created and people inserted to give additional realism.

Once the 3D model is drawn and approved by you we can process it through further software which will produce a photo-realistic version of either the whole model or just selected views. These views can be exterior or interior views and may be envisaging different seasons or times of the day. The level of detail added can vary depending on your design, the stage you are at and of course your budget.

kitchen visualisation

Interior image of a kitchen

Photorealistic images can be done for exterior views or interior views. These images really bring your building to life and a very realistic representation can be achieved. If suitable photographs can be obtained of your current site an image of the model can be inserted onto the photograph to give you a view of how your new building will look on the actual site. Please note this is not always possible due to site access restrictions impeding the view or if extensive earthworks will be carried out.

These images can be used to :

  • View your new house in the actual site location
  • Create brochures or other marketing materials when trying to sell property ‘off the plans’
  • Submission to council for development approval for change of use
  • Decide upon cladding and colour schemes (see footnote)
  • Create a sun study so you can be sure where the sun will fall on your new building
  • Finally we can create a virtual object – this is a photo-realistic rendition of your whole 3D model from the exterior that can be spun around by your mouse allowing you to ‘orbit’ your new property. It is similar to the base 3D model but with a more realistic finish. This requires the installation of ‘Quicktime’ movie software on your computer which can be downloaded free from Apple. It works equally well on Windows PCs.

    * Due to colour variations of monitors and printers, lighting conditions and human colour interpretation we cannot guarantee colour accuracy and so final decisions should always be made based on actual physical samples of the materials involved.