3D modelling

Building a new home can be fun but can also be daunting. Trying to visualise what the house will look like from 2D black and white plans can be very difficult. Even people experienced at reading plans are surprised how helpful it can be to see them in 3D. 


3D model of two house subdivision

3D model of two house development in Tuscan style

Customers are amazed when they see the 3D model of their plans for the first time.

Any building project requires many decisions to be made from colours, to style of cladding, roof style and windows to name but a few. A 3D model can really help you narrow down your choices to a manageable level. Simple changes to your model such as cladding style and colours can be made quickly and easily to illustrate the effect.

Most people are nervous when building because they are worried the house won’t work for them and their family. Changes during building can be expensive and lead to budget blow outs.  A 3D model beforehand can be money well spent as it allows you to move from room to room thinking about space and flow, where the windows are, where the sun shines at certain times of the day, which way the doors open and will your furniture fit?  We can scale furniture to the size of your existing furniture so you can try different layouts.

Variations on your building plans are inevitable – sort them out before you build not during.

The model allows you to spot areas that really work in your design and areas that might require adjusting to create more space, more style, or better flow. As the model is built accurately to scale it can highlight potential building problems allowing you to get a better result by adjusting the plans and avoiding costly mistakes. Once you are happy with the 3D model we can progress to the photo-realistic rendering which can give you photo like images to show your friends or for marketing material when a house is to be sold.

See what you are building before the foundations are laid.