About Vision Management

VisionM provides 3D modelling and architectural visualisation services to architects, builders, developers, real estate agents and people building or renovating their own home.

Services include creating 3D models from building plans and creating photorealistic images from these models which can be used for decision making and/or marketing purposes.

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Having had a long and successful career in IT, I first began 3D modelling a few years ago when we designed and built a house for the first time. My passion grew from there and in 2007 I decided to give up my managerial position and follow my passion— hence the birth of VisionM.

My husband and business partner is a qualified civil engineering consultant whose expertise is invaluable at times in making sure plans are interpreted correctly and indeed in spotting the occasional engineering problem. We were based outside Auckland, New Zealand but now live in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia but I am able to work for clients anywhere in the world who have email access.

I am a very thorough and accurate person and will always go the extra mile to help my clients. Quality, professionalism and accuracy are my key objectives.

I would be happy to discuss your future building plans and offer my services to help you visualise your project.

Best Wishes – Lesley