Marketing a development

Change of Use for land subdivision

Flyer created for small subdivision development


VisionM undertook a project for a small development that had to follow strict design rules due to the covenants in place for the larger sub-division.   The developer had had the plans drawn up by a local architectural designer but needed to market the houses and preferably sell them before they were built.

Using a rough site plan and Google Earth the terrain was drawn up.  The excavation and building platforms were modelled and the house models positioned correctly.  With the addition of some landscaping the models were then photo-realistically rendered to provide images for marketing materials such as brochures and posters.  Section images and photorealistic images of the interior were also provided along with plan views for prospective puchasers.  These enabled brochures to be printed to be handed out to prospective purchasers.

The ability to create realistic marketing materials to help sell a speculative property assists immensely in finding an early buyer.